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A. General Description & Characteristics of the Barangay

Barangay AGAT is situated on the northern part of Sison, Pangasinan. It is bounded in the east of Barangay Sagunto, West of Barangay Esperanza and BUED river, North of Barangay Dungon

and South of Barangay Artacho. It is the first in the alphabetical list of barangays in the municipality of Sison.  

Barangay Agat is accessible from Manila and along the McArthur National Highway.

B. Demographic Reference

Based on Barangay Records of Inhabitant (RBI) conducted in 2019-2020 Agat has recorded a total population of 1,625 with 340 households. There are 830 male and 795 females.

Proximity of Barangay Location to Basic Services & Service Institutions

The barangay has one (1) health center which includes (1) Birthing clinic in which services offered include the following: health consultation on minor illnesses, pre-natal and post-partum check-ups, children’s immunizations, and other health and sanitation services. It has one (1) public day care center and one (1) public elementary school. The municipality assigned its municipal and community workers such as the Midwife, the Child Development Teachers (CDT’s), Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS), Barangay health Worker (BHW), and others to help deliver services to the barangay constituents.

C. Public Transportation

 Transportation inside the barangay is dominated by motorized tricycle. There are 24 tricycle units operating. External route is served (1) one plying between Pozorrubio, Pangasinan to Rosario, La Union.

          The communication facilities include telephone, cellular phone and 2 internet shops.

D. Credit Institutions

There is no available credit institution established in the Barangay. But there are credit institutions coming from other municipalities operating in barangay Agat and offered different forms of financial and loan assistance to individuals to include CARD, Inc., ASA Philippines Foundation, TSPI, ASKI, NANAK, PEACOCK, Leaving Stone and One Puhunan.

E. Access to Electricity

The electricity supply of Barangay Agat is provided on a 24 hours’ basis by the La Union Electric Cooperative (LUELCO).

The latest report indicates that almost all households are now being served, which means that practically the barangay is already energized by an electric-power supply. Its service areas include residential houses, commercial establishments and streetlights.

F. Peace and Order

Peace and order situation in the barangay is generally peaceful. The maintenance of Peace & Order in Barangay Agat is being carried out by the Civilian Volunteer Workers composed of 14 CVO, 9 Lupong Tagapamayapa with the Sangguniang Barangay based on the “ronda” of CVO’s 24 hours’ duty in rotation.

G. Government Land and Resettlement

There are identified informal settlers in Barangay AGAT.  Most of these families are living in public spaces or government owned lots that are intended for residential purposes however it is not yet awarded to the residents. Nevertheless, it is not yet a big problem of the barangay considering that there is still enough land for them and for the incoming settlers in the future.

Table 1. Informal Settlers


H. Gender and Development Planning

The barangay has specific plan for Gender and Development. There are organized women group that participate and help in the implementation of gender and development concerns.

I. Barangay Equipment and Facilities

The Barangay has limited facilities and equipment. Aside from the Barangay Hall (Barangay Community Hall), the barangay has also a Health Center, Day Care Center, Senior Citizen’s Office and Tribal Hall that are housed at the Barangay Multi-Purpose Building, Covered Court, half courts, Communal Garden, Barangay & School Library. Equipment such as computer, laptop, printer, television, furniture and fixtures are already in the office.

J. Barangay Officials/Personnel

The barangay council is composed of nine (9) elective officials that include the Barangay Captain, seven (7) members of Sangguniang Barangay and the SK Chairperson, one (1) Indigenous People’s Mandatory Representative (IPMR) and two (2) appointive officials, the Barangay Treasurer and the Barangay Secretary. Aside from the conventional type of barangay organizational set up, there are also service delivery workers such as, Fourteen (14) Barangay Tanod, one (1) Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS), One (1) Child Development Teachers (CDT), Five (7) Barangay Health Worker (BHW), Nine (9) Lupon Tagapamayapa) One (1) Barangay Human Rights Action Officer (BHRAO), One (1) Cemetery Caretaker, One (1) Water Manitenance.