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A. Brief History of the Barangay

Barangay Artacho acquired its name in honor of Isabelo Artacho, a patriot native of Pangasinan who was once an active member of the revolutionary movement during Spanish period. The origin of Barangay Artacho is lateral with the history of its municipality of Sison. The mother town of Sison is San Fabian. Bulaoen was formerly a big barrio of San Fabian in its eastern part. This barrio became a municipality named Alava in 1862 as a result of petition of its residents dated December 15, 1862. Afterwards, its Poblacion was moved to its present site.

About the year 1907, the township of Esperanza, northeast of Alava, was organized comprising the barrios of Pinmilapil, Agat, Sagunto, Cauringan, Bila and Colisao (now belonging to San Fabian). The same year, the township of Labayug, northeast of Pozorrubio was also organized, comprising Inmalog, Calunetan, San Andres, Alibeng,
Bacayao and Killo. Later, these two townships (Esperanza and Labayug) fused together to form the township of Artacho, making the present barrio of Artacho as its poblacion. The former town of Alava had been in a move to expand its jurisdiction. The township of Artacho had also move to become a regular municipality. As a result of their efforts, they fused as one to become the town of Sison.

SUN : The Arrows Stands For The Eight Elected Barangay Officials, The Punong Barangay And Its seven (7) Sangguniang Barangay Member.

DIPLOMA AND GRADUATION CAP: This signifies that education is the most focused institution in the barangay because the barangay takes pride of having two Educational Institution, the Artacho Elementary/ High School and Northern Luzon Adventist College which has a complete set of educational level from pre-elementary
to tertiary level.

B. General Description & Characteristics of the Barangay

The Barangay Artacho is one of the 28 barangays that up the Municipality of Sison, Pangasinan. It is located in the northern portion of Sison lying within the eastern boundaries of Barangay Esperanza, western of Barangay Sagunto, Nothern of Agat and Southern of Barangay Cauringan. Barangay Artacho is 3 kilometers away from Poblacion
and 57 kilometers away from Provincial Capitol (Lingayen, Pangasinan)

Barangay Artacho has the smallest land area among other barangay of Sison. It has a total land area of 0.4412 square kilometers, 0.59 percent part Municipality of Sison, Pangasinan. Barangay Artacho is one among the Rural type of Barangay of the said Municipality.

C. Demographic Reference

Based on the Barangay Nutrition Scholar record the actual population in 2018 is 1,022 and the household is 223, The average household size is 3.

D. Proximity of Barangay Location to Basic Services & Service Institutions

The barangay has one (1) health center in which services offered include the following: health consultation on minor illnesses, pre-natal and post-partum check-ups, children’s immunizations, and other health and sanitation services. It has one (1) public day care center, one (1) public elementary school and public high school ,one (1) private
element6ary and high school and one (1) private college. The municipality assigned its municipal and community workers such as the Midwife, the Child Development Teachers (CDT’s), Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS), Barangay health Worker (BHW), others to help deliver services to the barangay constituents.

E. Public Transportation

Barangay Artacho being at the center of the western barangays can be reach anytime. It is more or less 4 kilometers from Poblacion –the municipal seat. It is more or less ten (10) minutes ride through a motorcycle or tricycle

F. Credit Institution

There is no available credit institution established in the Barangay. But there are credit institutions operated from other barangay and offered different forms of financial and loan assistance to individuals to include, CARD, Inc., ASA Philippines Foundation, and others that offers farm financing to the farm.

G. Access to Electricity

Two Hundred Fifty Seven household uses electricity as the source of lighting . The electricity Supply of Barangay Artacho is provided on a 24 hours basis by the La Union Electric Cooperative (LUELCO). The latest report indicate that almost all household are now being served, which means practically the barangay is already energized by an electric-power supply. Its service areas include residential houses, commercial establishments and streetlights

H. Peace and Order

Peace and order situation in the barangay is generally peaceful. PNP sub-station still at Barangay Pob. Central is about 3 kilometers away. The barangay have also institutionalized their Barangay Tanod as its first line of defense from outlaws and thieves

G. Government Land and Resettlement

There are no identified informal settlers in Barangay Artacho.

I. Gender and Development Planning

The barangay has specific plan for Gender and Development. There are organized women group that participated and helped in the implementation relatively on gender and development concerns.

J. Barangay Equipment and Facilities

The barangay has limited facilities and equipment. Aside from the barangay hall, the barangay have health center, day care centers, , basketball courts, multi-purpose building other basic facilities and equipment needed for the operation of the barangay. Equipment such as computer, printer, television, furniture and fixtures are already in the office.

K. Barangay Officials/Personnel

The barangay council is composed of nine (9) elective officials that include the Barangay Captain, seven (7) members of Sangguniang Barangay and the SK Chairperson, one (1) Indigenous People’s Mandatory Representative (IPMR) and two (2) appointive officials, the Barangay Treasurer and the Barangay Secretary. Aside from the conventional type of barangay organizational set up, there are also service delivery workers such as Ten (10) Barangay Tanod, one (1) Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS), One (1) Child Development Teachers (CDT), Six (6) Barangay Health Worker (BHW), One (1) Barangay Human Right Action Officer and Thirteen (13) Lupong Tagapamayapa.