Brief Profile of the Municipality

  • Sison (Pangasinan: Baley na Sison; Ilocano: Ili ti Sison)
  • 3rd class municipality
  • 5th District of the Province of Pangasinan
  • Region I (Ilocos)
  • Population of 47, 518 as per 2015 Census
  • 28 barangays
  • Land Area: 15,665.8559 hectares
  • Poverty Incidence: 10.0% (PSA, 2015)

Socio – Political Development

On February 22, 1986, a peaceful People’s Power revolution toppled the administration of then President Ferdinand E. Marcos and put to power the widow of the late Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino – Mrs. Corazon C. Aquino – as the new President of the Republic of the Philippines. This gave birth to the Revolutionary Government so that all those in power from the top level down to the barangay level were replaced with the appointees of the new president of the republic. And by virtue of a memorandum signed by the newly appointed Secretary of the Department of Local Government, the incumbent local chief executive/municipal mayor was replaced by Don Benjamin H. Aquino, from May 16, 1986 to December 1, 1987.

When local election was held on January 10, 1988, Mr. Arsenio L. Biason, the incumbent Municipal Local Government Operations Officer of DILG-Sison was appointed as the “overseer or caretaker” of the Municipality of Sison from December 2, 1987 to January 15, 1988 and Mr. Abelardo B. Embesan from January 16, 1988 until a new municipal mayor was proclaimed. And from February 2, 1988, to 1998, Honorable Dionisio M. Lagmay held the reign of the municipal government of Sison as municipal mayor after topping the 1988, 1992, and 1995 local elections. After three terms, Honorable Dionisio M. Lagmay was no longer allowed under law to run for the position of municipal mayor. So, in the 1998 elections, Honorable Cleofe D. Lagmay took over the reign of the government being elected mayor of the municipality of Sison. On May 14, 2001, Honorable Dionisio M. Lagmay easily won the race for the position of municipal mayor. During the May 2007 election, however, incumbent Mayor Dionisio M. Lagmay opted not to run for reelection. Honorable Carmen “Kimi” S. Cojuangco ran as municipal mayor-unopposed and took her oath on June 30, 2007.

Three (3) years later, after her first term as municipal mayor, Honorable Kimi S. Cojuangco opted to run for the position of Pangasinan’s 5th District Representative which she easily won. On the noon of 30th June 2010, Atty. Mina Joy C. Pangasinan took her oath as municipal mayor having topped the May 2010 and May 2013 local elections. On June 30, 2016 and 2019, Honorable Danilo C. Uy took the set of the Municipal Government of Sison having topped the mayoralty race during the May 2016 and 2019 local elections.

Newly elected municipal officials, in front of the old “municipio”
January 1, 1938

DON MAURICIO GENERAO, first elected Municipal Mayor
Inducted to office on January 1, 1938

The New Municipal Building, 2020